match Greenery perfectly

How to match Greenery perfectly

As you know Pantone Institute, always announces the trend colors that will be used in the season, this trend is spread not only to fashion trends (clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, …) but also on decor trends. You should already be familiar with the new palette and the color for this year – Greenery. How to […]

how to find the perfect christmas gift

How to Find the Perfect Christmas Gift

Another holiday season is approaching and you are already thinking about gift shopping. We all know that thing about How to Find the Perfect Christmas Gift, we’ve all been there. This is considered the most wonderful time of the year, but we know it can be the most stressful time of the year also. You can […]

How to make jewelry shine again

How to Make Jewelry Shine Again

It is hard when you realise your favorite jewels just doesn’t have the same sparkle they used to have. So, you need to recover that bling and make jewelry shine again, some options are bucking out for a professional scrubbing or purchasing expensive cleaning solutions. But, what about if I told you, you don’t need fancy jewelry cleaners to get […]

How To Accessorize Jewelry

How To Accessorize Jewelry

More and more using what you wear strategically can be a tool, especially in the business world.  No doubt knowing how to accessorize jewelry is an essential element for being successful. Nowadays there are so many inspiring and beautiful pieces of jewelry available that provid you with countless styling options. The key is to uncover […]

Tips to Wear Bold Earrings

Tips to Wear Bold Earrings

I love to see bold earrings, despite never pierced my ears, these are my favorite accessories. Love to make them and love to see you using them. Bold earrings make such a statement especially on short hairs, although many women don’t risk to use them I think they should, I really love to see bold earrings on short […]

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