Top 5 Fall Winter Trends

My 2018 Top 5 Fall Winter Trends

New season, new trends! Let’s start with the Top 5 Fall Winter Trends! The new season is just around the corner and it will celebrate the style individuality, so the trends for this season are multiple. I gathered the 5 ones I think will be most successful! Tailor’s Textile Tweed and Checks will be high […]

2 tips to avoid earrings weight

2 Tips to Avoid Earrings Weight

Are you one of those who suffers from earrings weight? I have been selling jewelry for over 10 years, and I have met many women who suffer from their earrings weight. Some of the consequences of wearing heavy earrings are: – sore ears – stretched earlobes – split earlobes This was one of the reasons I’ve decided […]

SECRET GARDEN - New collection!

SECRET GARDEN – New collection!

Discover the new collection from Suspiro, it has arrived and promises to mesmerize you! Every once in a while you come across jewelry pieces that seem like were magically made. Do you dare to open the gate to this SECRET GARDEN and unveil its charm? Here you’ll find a range of floral jewelry that blooms in the fall season and makes […]